New Brick & Mortar Shop! Golden Axe Throw Club in Bangkok hosts our unique Thai Blade Art Gallery.

New Store Front! 

We'll soon be launching our new general store inside Golden Axe Throw Club, in Bangkok, Thailand. We will be featuring Thailand's best knife makers throughout the country. Their works of functional art will be on display to view and hold. Get the right fit for the right job, even test out some blades in action! 

Knives like this hand crafted Competition Chopper from Ajarn Keammor, will be on display, in an art gallery format. We will have hand made knives & machetes, hand forged axes from Isaan, and even Japanese influenced Katanas made by Thai sword smiths! 

Hand Forged Knife Bangkok Thailand

More details coming soon! Stay posted by visiting Golden Axe Throw Club.

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